Professional pharmacy marketing

for your success

With our years of experience and expertise, we offer you a wide range of services to best support your product marketing efforts. We have experience in both print and online marketing and employ effective marketing strategies to present your products to a broad audience. Targeted advertising campaigns, informative content, and placement in relevant media channels ensure that your products are noticed by healthcare professionals and patients.


Field Force Excellence

and patient care

Our Fieldforce is at your disposal to support the distribution of your products. We communicate directly with pharmacies and physicians to optimize the placement of your products and promote collaboration.

To ensure comprehensive patient care, we offer patient services, including on-site nurses who assist patients in using your products and are available to answer any questions.

Our medical call center is available 24/7, providing medical information and advice. Through our cost-effective and certified service, you can provide your customers with a reliable source of information and have their questions answered competently and consistently.

  • Successful product marketing through our years of experience and expertise

  • Targeted communication with pharmacies and doctors

  • Comprehensive patient care with patient services and on-site nurses

  • Round-the-clock available medical call center

Our customer contact centers meet the highest requirements.