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With Medperion, you have found the perfect omnichannel specialist. With our ePrep and Remote Service, we can provide our customers with reliable and effective support, regardless of the location and availability of field representatives. Our eReps are always available and can tailor their services to the individual needs of our customers. With us, you have a reliable partner who helps you achieve your goals and optimize your business processes.

The service encompasses a variety of solutions, including webinars for product and indication presentations, as well as targeted initiatives for specific target audiences. Furthermore, the service also offers comprehensive service and video calls for product and indication consultations, along with inbound accessibility through various channels such as phone, email, and fax.

Furthermore, the eRep service also offers potential screening for prescribers and patients, as well as the management of various content and segments, to ensure that companies are able to continuously optimize their marketing strategies and effectively reach their target audiences. Finally, the eRep service can also assist with tasks that involve high administrative effort, such as report and document creation.

Another important aspect of the eRep service is Vacancy Bridging and Segment Support, ensuring that companies are always able to serve their customers and target audiences while optimizing their marketing strategies. They provide training and CRM systems to ensure that eReps have the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully perform their tasks. The setup of temporary vacancy bridging typically takes around 2 weeks but can vary depending on availability. The minimum duration is 3 months to ensure that the vacancy gap is completely bridged and a seamless transition to filling the position is ensured. Additionally, there is a Concierge Service that assists companies in pre- and post-meeting preparations by handling administrative tasks and saving time.

Another flexible and reliable solution to fill the vacancy gaps in your company is our Bridging Unit. With a dedicated team of eReps, we offer you the opportunity to manage different vacancies on a rotating basis - according to your needs. Our team consists of at least 3 eReps, which can be increased as needed. And the best part: when there's available capacity, we can also deploy our eReps for other tasks such as prequalification or support. Plus, the duration is 12 months, providing you with long-term planning security so you can focus on your core competencies.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • eReps § 75 AMG & § 31 MPG
  • Substantive conversations and relationship building on an equal footing with HCPs
  • Years of experience since 2011 - over 6,000 video calls in the last 12 months

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