We identify the right sales strategies

Medperion offers an effective way to intensify contact with HCPs: Face to Face. The exclusive field sales team can be complemented by Hybrid Sales, an integration of sales channels such as Telesales, HCP Mails, and E-Learnings. Omnichannel targeting evaluates channel preferences, appointments, and HCP availability to boost your sales figures. With Medperion, you can build better relationships with customers and maximize sales success.

Medperion's Face-to-Face service through the exclusive field sales team allows for the most intensive on-site contact with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Our temporary staffing or recruitment ensures that you collaborate with the best professionals in healthcare. We leverage our subsidiary, Careforce, which has a proven track record in recruiting healthcare professionals. With Medperion, you have the assurance of being supported by a reliable partner that helps you build a strong relationship with your customers and maximize your sales success in healthcare.

Medperion's Hybrid Sales service combines various sales channels such as Face-to-Face, Telesales, HCP-mails, and E-Learnings to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to healthcare professionals (HCPs). By integrating these channels, we ensure that HCPs are engaged on multiple levels, increasing the chances of successful customer retention.

The Careforce Sanvartis Academy trains Hybrid Sales Professionals for a cross-media approach to engage HCPs. Our professionals are trained in sales and video telephony, allowing them to communicate from anywhere, including remote or home offices. The concierge service provides pre and post-appointment support for ADMs. Digital support includes 1:1 phone calls, webinars, product training, sending offers and product materials through an online platform, as well as mailings and newsletters. Ideal for HCPs with low potential or as a complement to F2F and digital support. Careforce offers an all-in-one Omnichannel communication solution.

The omnichannel service of the future

Your benefits at a glance

  • Success through synergies and flexibility
  • On-site visits or professional telephony
  • Dynamic adjustment of individual HCP channel preferences