Your communication is

in capable hands with us

We specialize in communication with patients and policyholders and understand the multitude of touchpoints that arise around the clock. Our tailored solutions enable you to communicate effectively and promptly with your target audience.

Additionally, we offer therapy support through effective patient communication and customized programs for patient care and stress prevention. Our continuous support is paramount, and we take pride in offering you a 24-hour accessibility service for patients and their families.


Round the clock

our support is available

Our health hotline serves as a contact point for insured individuals from health insurance companies. With our certified call center, consisting of a team of over 400 call agents, we are available nationwide 24/7. We simplify the process of scheduling specialist appointments for your customers through fast and hassle-free service. Whether they contact us through our central line or specific hotlines, our staff responds to inquiries promptly and effectively.

To help you achieve your goals, we offer an optimal strategy and support you with a customized marketing mix tailored to your needs.

  • A reliable 24/7 accessibility service

  • Customized programs for continuous patient care and stress prevention

  • Optimal strategy and customized marketing mix

  • Simplification of specialist appointment scheduling

Customer Case

Project 24-Hour accessibility

With our subsidiary Sanvartis GmbH, the leading medical service center in Germany, we provide the BAH-WiDi with exceptional service outside regular business hours.

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Our customer contact centers meet the highest standards