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We provide fast turnaround of fax, mail and telephone queries with 90% case closure response within defined F.A.Q.s . Our team works according to established processes and standard operating procedures for correct and timely processing. Full documentation of all requests including case numbers and timestamps for transparency or directly in your CRM. Outsource your 1st level medical information to us or optimise your ADR management with our team.

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We are your reliable partner for pharmaceutical information! We identify, record and share adverse reaction reports and product complaints in accordance with legal requirements - with the utmost care and precision. Since 2009, we have been recording and processing ADR reports and working closely with our clients - always on the basis of clearly defined SOPs and an automated reporting process that is optimally integrated into the client's process chains - including monthly reconciliation reporting on a transaction basis with unique case numbers. In addition, we carry out an algorithm-driven forum control, including 1:1 AE screening. Our service is contractually clear, transparent and auditable at any time. Trust us to ensure that your pharmaceutical information is managed effectively and correctly!

As an exclusive partner of the BAH WiDi, Medperion offers a standardised, certified 24/7 medical hotline for the acceptance, classification and documentation of adverse events (AE).

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Our experienced staff collect and document all relevant information on reported adverse events and prepare comprehensive documentation. Quality assurance and annual training are carried out centrally by BAH WiDi. Through our service, adverse events can be recorded 24/7 without delay and effectively to ensure the safety and integrity of medical treatment.

We are here to answer your queries professionally! Whether you contact us via our head office or specific hotlines, our staff will answer your questions quickly and effectively. We use an established question and answer system, which serves as a knowledge base for our customer service enquiries. If an enquiry cannot be answered through the existing system, it will be handled by our medical (2nd) level team to ensure a knowledgeable and comprehensive response. For this purpose, we agree on a forwarding procedure together with you, which can either be done by telephone (warm transfer) or by email with resubmission. We document all enquiries in our customer system to ensure that your enquiries remain transparent and traceable at all times. Contact us now to benefit from our professional customer service!

As part of digital health applications, our highly qualified team offers a 24/7 support service for HCPs and patients, including technical support, complaint management, rapid documentation of enquiries and final handling of fax, mail and telephone enquiries. We also offer a targeted introduction to the use of a DiGa, which has a positive impact on usage intensities. In short, our DiGa services are also geared towards ensuring effective and smooth medical care and providing the best possible experience for the target groups.

"For our companies, it is important that the service concept is in the foreground. Good accessibility, flexibility for the customer, documented quality management - this is all given at Sanvartis - we are very satisfied!"

Successful cooperation in the project "Accessibility 24/7" since 2016.

Melanie Broicher, Pharmacist - BAH - Staff Office Science and Business Service (WiDi)

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  • Certified call centre according to DIN EN 15838
  • Highly qualified, dedicated team § 75 AMG
  • Exclusive partner 24/7 of the BAH WiDi
  • approx. 15,000 ADR reports p.a.
  • PharmaInfo for over 30 pharmaceutical companies

"Just like you, we care a lot about the well-being of our patients - and especially about the safe use of medicines. This is 100% reflected in our service. With our 24/7 PharmaInformation Service, we ensure the rapid and effective classification and handling of adverse events to ensure the safety and integrity of medical treatment, independently audited by BAH WiDi. Our professional, certified service is available to HCPs and patients for all enquiries. We are your contact with know-how and expertise - even outside your service hours."

Sanvartis GmbH – A Medperion company

Anika Buschmann - Lead Pharma & Multichannel Solutions DACH

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