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Our service includes a variety of offerings, including appointment scheduling through our concierge service, personal care for HCPs through our eReps, as well as a comprehensive communication service along the value chain. With us, you get everything in one place to optimize your communication strategy and reach your target audiences to the fullest extent.

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Our Concierge Service allows you to effortlessly prepare and schedule appointments for your field sales team with HCPs, optimizing the deployment of your field force. We take care of organizing the appointments to ensure that your field sales representatives can work efficiently and minimize waiting times. We consider not only the availability of HCPs but also their preferred contact channels and formats for direct field force interaction or through omnichannel means, such as webinars, video calls, or mailings. With this personalized approach, we ensure maximum efficiency in addressing the individual needs of healthcare professionals. Trust in our professional service to streamline your appointment scheduling and strengthen relationships with HCPs.

Medperion's Face-to-Face service through the exclusive field sales line allows for the most intensive in-person contact with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Our temporary staffing or recruitment ensures that you collaborate with the best professionals in the healthcare industry. We draw upon our subsidiary, Careforce, which has a proven track record in recruiting healthcare professionals. With Medperion, you can be assured of reliable support that helps you build strong relationships with your customers and maximize your sales success in the healthcare sector.

Our eRep services provide comprehensive HCP engagement for various indications. We offer personal support through our qualified eReps under §75 AMG (German Medicines Act) to ensure that your target customers receive the best possible assistance. Our eReps are specifically trained in telephony and video communication and have a deep understanding of the various indications discussed with HCPs. We cater to pharmacies, general practitioners, outpatient specialists, clinics, and, if necessary, other HCPs on your behalf. They provide competent information to your target audience regarding indications and products, and they are available to assist with any questions or concerns. We prioritize personalized and individualized support to ensure that your target audience receives the best possible assistance.

Our holistic communication service offers a wide range of services along the value chain to successfully position your brand and products. We assist you with target audience analysis, the management of your social media channels, event organization, PR activities, and the professional support of your HCPs through our MSLs and field representatives. With us, you get everything in one place to optimize your communication strategy and reach your target audiences effectively. Trust in our years of experience and expertise.

A comprehensive range of services all under one roof

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  • Comprehensive service through a central point of contact
  • Individual solutions tailored to your target audience
  • Over 400 experts in medical telephony
  • Network of over 500,000 healthcare professionals
  • Over 90 marketing experts for the perfect strategy

"Our comprehensive communication service provides you with everything you need to successfully position your brand. We assist you with target audience analysis, social media management, event organization, PR activities, and the professional care of your HCPs. Trust in our experience and expertise for your communication success."

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