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Do you want to ensure that your pharmaceutical and medical reports and presentations comply with applicable laws and regulations? Medperion is the perfect partner for you! We are experts in the DACH region and have comprehensive expertise in adapting materials to legal requirements and the respective language. With our support, the approval process for your materials will be streamlined, allowing you to focus on the critical aspects that matter to your business.

We prepare your pharmaceutical and medical reports and presentations, ensuring a streamlined approval process for your materials. Legal requirements and regulations in each country are, of course, taken into account to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to compliance standards.

As an expert in the DACH region, Medperion can effectively cater to the needs and requirements of the local market, especially in terms of adapting materials to the respective language. By providing professional translators, we ensure that crucial information is accessible to patients and medical personnel in a language they can understand. This effectively overcomes language barriers, ensuring high-quality and patient-centric healthcare delivery.

If you're in search of a sales team that can deliver your sales material across all channels to your HCPs, then the Careforce Sanvartis Academy is the perfect partner for you. We train Hybrid Sales Professionals capable of reaching HCPs through cross-media engagement. Our staff receives specialized training in sales and video telephony, enabling effective communication even on the go or from home offices. Thus, we offer you omnichannel communication from a single source, ensuring seamless and effective support for your HCPs.

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  • Over 20 years of experience in healthcare
  • Translation and legal clearance processes all in one place
  • Omnichannel communication with your target audience

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