Medical-scientific field communication

We not only provide experienced and knowledgeable personnel as Medical Science Liaison Managers but also comprehensive support in planning, implementing, and optimizing your MSL strategy. With our experience in communicating scientific content before and after approval and our extensive network, we can assist you in effectively communicating your products and studies to achieve your goals.

The Medical Science Liaison Managers maintain intensive contact with decision-makers to facilitate the exchange of information without directly promoting specific products. Typically, these contacts are established during the clinical phase when the MSL visits decision-makers and experts on-site to provide updates on new developments and studies.

MSLs do valuable work not only in scientific communication with opinion leaders but also play a crucial role in internal training. They provide new added value in HCP communication to the sales field through their close integration with research and development. Furthermore, MSLs facilitate close collaboration in advisory boards and symposia, leveraging their extensive connections within decision-maker target groups.

The direct link to opinion leaders

Your benefits at a glance

  • Contact for scientific and medical inquiries
  • Conveyance of medical-scientific information
  • Conducting scientific presentations
  • Training for internal and external audiences
  • Support for the clinical research department