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We are your partner for Public Relations and Medical Communication. Through close collaboration with leading press and trade magazines, we enhance the credibility and visibility of your healthcare services and products. We identify relevant magazines, develop tailored PR strategies, execute effective campaigns, and measure the results.

Furthermore, we assist you in professional communication within the medical field and develop customized social media strategies. We are also here to support you in planning and executing successful events such as conferences and gala events. Our services cover a wide spectrum to help you achieve your communication goals.

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Media Relations is a crucial subfield of Public Relations that we specialize in. We cultivate relationships with relevant media outlets, ensuring our clients have a presence in the media and that their messages are effectively communicated. We always ensure that all information conveyed is accurate and relevant.

Social Media is a crucial component of Public Relations, and at Medperion, we utilize it to expand our clients' reach and engage with their target audience. Our strategy includes tailored content, audience interaction, account management, and regular updates.

We offer comprehensive services to enhance your medical communication. This includes adapting study data and expert opinions into various formats such as medical slide decks, scientific publications, podcasts, explainer videos, and infographics. Furthermore, our experts analyze and evaluate your study data, create customized medical narratives, and align them with your target audience through medical advisory boards. In addition, our Promomats service supports you in system setup, document referencing, and library management. We provide medical-scientific support for approval processes and assist in creating and implementing core claims for (partial) automated referencing.

At Medperion, we offer Influencer Relations services in the healthcare sector by collaborating with relevant influencers and thought leaders in the healthcare industry to enhance the credibility and visibility of healthcare services and products. Our services include identifying suitable influencers, devising strategies, executing campaigns, and measuring results.

We can also organize virtual conferences and events. We create customized formats for your needs, including livestreams, hybrid events, presentations, and integrate interactive tools such as surveys, live chats, and Q&A sessions, among others. This allows employees and customers from around the world to participate. We take pride in adapting to the needs of our time and delivering a high level of quality and engagement in virtual environments as well.

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