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Considering the growing significance of healthcare professionals in the digital era, it's crucial not to overlook the role of Digital Opinion Leaders. This is especially true if you're already collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders, as there's substantial potential in having a Key Opinion Leader double as a Digital Opinion Leader. To avoid missing out on opportunities, staying up-to-date is imperative. At Medperion, we specialize in helping you identify these Digital Opinion Leaders.

In the first step, we conduct our QuickCheck to assess whether there are potential Digital Opinion Leaders in the relevant indication and whether it is advisable to further screen them. In the subsequent step, we will collaborate with you to determine whether and to what extent a DOL analysis would be beneficial.

Here, we utilize various screening methods, including the following four:

1. Assisted Screening
2. Unassisted Screening
3. Congress Social Listening
4. Network Analysis

An essential aspect of evaluating potential DOLs is the MCG Score, developed by our renowned subsidiary, the Medical Consulting Group. The MCG Score is an assessment system based on a variety of criteria to evaluate the expertise, credibility, and reach of potential DOLs.

Based on the analysis results, further projects and measures can be planned to integrate the DOLs into the communication strategy. This may include implementing (digital) ad boards, collaborating on content creation, or establishing partnerships. The insights gained from the analysis enable the development of targeted strategies to maximize the impact of DOLs and promote effective collaboration across various communication channels.

An initial individual analysis is always beneficial to gain a comprehensive overview. Often, it becomes evident afterward that continuous monitoring of the selected DOL is advisable to ensure optimal evaluation. In doing so, we consistently track the development of follower numbers to draw conclusions about the DOL's reach and popularity. Additionally, we also monitor relevant posts and interactions of the DOL on social media. This allows us to assess their engagement and activity and determine how effectively they can engage their target audience.

Rely on DOL

Your benefits at a glance

  • MCG Score for DOL analyses, conducted by social media and medical experts
  • Extensive experience in conducting DOL analyses
  • Expertise in collaborating with DOL, e.g., in the context of AdBoards

"Elevate your communication to the next level with Digital Opinion Leaders: While collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders is already valuable, DOLs provide access to social media as a powerful communication and insights platform for HCPs. With our expertise, we assist you in identifying suitable DOLs and seamlessly integrating them into your communication – whether as advisors in AdBoards or through the implementation of joint partnerships."

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Tamara Daehne - Senior Social Media Consultant