The expert for effective

communication in the pharmaceutical industry

As a leading and research-oriented company in the pharmaceutical industry that drives medical advancement and develops the drugs of the future, you are aware of the importance of effective communication.

We understand the significance of effective communication and are here to support you with our expertise in delivering your messages clearly and comprehensibly to patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

How may we assist you?

From opinion leaders

to success ambassadors

Our team offers you a customized mix of solutions to optimize your communication. From field force support to the use of eReps, and targeted patient communication through our Medical Information Hotline. Our experienced Medical Science Liaison Managers (MSLs) ensure the optimal positioning of your therapies and provide valuable guidance to opinion leaders.

To spread your messages widely, we utilize various channels such as social media and PR. This allows us to effectively reach your target audience and enhance the visibility of your brand.

More than a healthcare agency

Events play a crucial role in brand presentation, which is why we are here to assist you with conferences, standalone events, or webinars to showcase your brand at its best.

As experts in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the challenges you face. Our aim is to enhance the success of your therapies and improve patient health. Trust in our years of experience and comprehensive expertise throughout the entire value chain.

  • Targeted field sales support and expert consultation

  • Effective communication across multiple channels

  • Optimal brand presentation and perception

  • We also activate your mature brands

Our customer contact centers meet the highest standards