The perfect on-site care

Our Nurse Service accompanies patients in their home environment, assisting them with medication management. We provide training on medical devices, administer therapies through IV infusion, discuss side effect management, and, if necessary, address lifestyle adjustments to ensure a successful start to therapy. Our goal is to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care and can successfully complete their treatment.

Our nurses are available to patients within 48 hours if they or their family members have any uncertainties regarding the administration of a therapy or if indications arise during a telephone conversation that an on-site visit would provide valuable support for a successful therapy. We aim to ensure that patients receive the best possible care directly on-site and can successfully undergo their therapy.

Nurse services can be offered under medical delegation. This includes the administration of therapies that would otherwise be in the hands of a physician, such as infusions, IV injections, monitoring of vital signs, etc. We aim to provide patients with the best possible care and improve their quality of life. Medperion's Nurse Service offers a wide range of services to meet the individual needs of patients. In the DACH region, we have over 40 nurses working with us.

Device training is part of our Nurse Services. Our qualified nurses provide comprehensive training to ensure that patients can use the devices safely and effectively. Digital documentation and transparency, as well as quality management and analysis and consulting projects, are also part of our Nurse Services.

Our Tandem Service at Medperion offers a unique combination of a call agent and a nurse to ensure optimal care for our patients. Our trained call agents are available to patients via phone around the clock, answering their questions. At the same time, our experienced nurses are on-site, assisting the patient with medical procedures, monitoring vital signs, and administering medications. This Tandem Service ensures that the patient receives optimal care at all times, both in person and over the phone.

Nurse service for the DACH Region

Your benefits at a glance

  • Services provided directly at the patient's location (also under medical delegation)
  • Emotional support for patients
  • Highly trained professional staff
  • Professional assistance with therapies
  • Auditable service

"Nurse services are currently booming and finding increasingly diverse applications. From simple injection training or initial therapy consultations to ongoing IV or infusion treatments, and even more complex service structures with the inclusion of external specialist consultations and laboratory diagnostics – all with the goal of promoting compliance, enhancing adherence, and creating added value for patients through a unique service experience."

Sanvartis GmbH – A Medperion Company

Maxime Mustermann, Head of Nurse Service

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