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No matter whether you're an established pharmaceutical company or an energetic start-up, at Medperion, we have the necessary structures to support you in marketing your ideas.

As an expert in marketing and product development, you're already well-positioned. At Medperion, we want to provide you with additional support through our years of experience to successfully place your products with physicians and reach a broad target audience.

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In the field of HCP (Healthcare Professional) communication, we offer flexible solutions to cater to individual needs and time constraints. This includes live courses as well as on-demand presentations to effectively reach your target audience.

Furthermore, we implement awareness campaigns that use emotional messaging and valuable content to specifically draw attention to Digital Health Applications (DiGAs) among both patients and healthcare professionals.

Our hybrid Fieldforce combines telephone outreach and digital communication to disseminate information and provide added value related to DiGAs to a broad audience of healthcare professionals.

  • Reaching relevant audiences & achieving successful positioning

  • Flexibility and tailored solutions

  • Awareness campaigns for DiGAs

  • Fieldforce for broad audience communication

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