The publisher A&O is the healthcare editorial company within the Medperion Group, specialising in patient communication for print and digital media. Our clients come from various sectors of the healthcare market – including pharma organisations (Rx, OTC) and companies in the micronutrient medicine and medical technology segments.

Multichannel communication: Awareness in print and online

The focus of A&O’s activities is increasingly on digital media. On behalf of our clients, we conceive, plan and create content and maintain patient websites, bringing them to life in conjunction with professional partner agencies.

In the classic print sector, we conceive, plan and edit patient brochures and magazines, among other things, and produce magazine articles for a lay readership. Media services in the areas of print, digital and radio round off our product portfolio and ensure that our clients’ content reaches a wider public audience.

Teamwork and expert knowledge

Our editorial team is made up of experienced medical and healthcare editors from a variety of backgrounds: studies in natural sciences and the humanities combine with expertise in the fields of healthcare, PR and journalism. This versatility enables us to cover a wide range of medical subjects and measures in a manner geared towards the target group and successfully satisfy the wishes of our customers.

Our core areas of expertise

  • Conceiving, planning and creating print and digital content

  • Producing patient brochures and magazines as well as articles for laypeople

  • Providing print, digital and radio media services

Our management

Oliver Link

Geschäftsführender Verlagsleiter