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target audience engagement with Medperion

You are an expert in the fields of dental, surgery, diabetes, or gastroenterology, developing innovative products? Medperion assists you in effectively communicating your messages and engaging your target audience.

Our experienced team not only helps you recruit highly qualified sales professionals but also in forming an optimal field sales team. With the largest recruiting team in the DACH region, we can promptly connect you with experienced specialists.

How can we assist you?

From social media

to concierge services

To position your products and solutions with the right decision-makers, we employ innovative approaches like concierge services. This allows you to reach even the most elusive target audiences and expand your reach.

Our expert team in public relations ensures that your messages capture attention. With years of experience in social media marketing, we assist you in achieving online success. Together, we develop a tailored strategy to showcase your brand effectively and engage your target audience precisely.

  • Highly qualified sales professionals and an optimal field force lineup

  • Access to hard-to-reach target audiences through concierge services

  • Expert team for attention in press and public relations

  • Customized strategies for branding and target audience engagement

Customer Case

Expanding the target audience for Abbott

One example of our successful collaboration is Abbott. We pursued the goal of expanding the target group for the Freestyle Libre product. We provided Abbott with comprehensive support through targeted measures such as target group prequalification, field service appointments using concièrge service, recruitment and establishment of a Germany-wide field service line, and digital onboarding.

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